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The company is engaged in the business of and act as agents, traders, stockists, importers, exporters, entitlement negotiaters, and for that purpose manufacture, buy, sell, exchange, market, pledge, distribute, or otherwise deal in commodities, goods, including automobile parts, ball and roller bearings, beverages, chemicals, cigarettes, cotton, cycle-parts, electronic goods, fertilizers, food, glass material, liquor, nylon, synthetics, packing materials and tea, telecommunication systems, textile, readymade garments, timber products, and any other materials and substances of all types and varities and their products by products and compound of any and every description and kind.

To deal in purchase, sell, import, export or supply and/or to act as principals, dealers, agents, sub-agents, manufacturers, representative either or in conjuction with others and either by or through agents, sub-contractors, trustees or otherwise for the Indian manufactured goods/commodities of industrial, domestic and agricultural use and to render services in the foreign countries and vice versa in connection therewith and for the above said purposes of establish or maintain services or maintenance of depot anywhere in the world in connection with the business of the company.

The equity shares of the Company are listed at Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited,Mumbai(MSEI)